Question for ambitious 30-40 year old guys who aren’t achieving what they know they could be…

Do you currently feel like you’ve plateaued in your work or personal life?

You’re ready to move to that next level. You know what that looks like. But the road to get there isn’t as clear, right?

Procrastination means you second guess yourself and end up spinning your wheels.

It’s not the end of the world. 

You’re doing OK. But deep down, you know there’s so much more to achieve. 

You’re busy… Overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make. Not just at work, but in your personal life as well. 

If only you had the headspace to think clearly. Then you could stop feeling so stuck, release some of that pressure that’s been building up for ages, and finally feel like you’re taking charge over the next steps of your life.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

As someone who always strives for more, 99% of the time you’ve got spaghetti in your head. 

So many ideas, so little time. Which means getting clear on what’s next is tough.

Despite all the success you’ve already achieved, you know you’ve got much more to offer. 

But how do you start, where do you begin, and who do you have in your corner?

Am I also right in thinking you’ve tried to go it alone when working on your goals in the past? 

Maybe even achieved some initial bouts of good progress? 

But after a while, it was back to those self-sabotaging behaviours, beating yourself up for not keeping things up, and you’re still not where you want to be. 

What if things were different?

How would you feel if you had the right support that enabled you to:


Step outside your comfort zone and achieve what you really want


Increase your self confidence and ditch self-sabotaging behaviours


Create a life /project/ business you’re excited to wake up to

Sound good?

If so, keep reading.

Because what follows will help you make the pivotal changes you want, and have you excited about moving forward and truly living life on your terms…

Fancy results like this?


➤ Quitting your 9-5 and launching your dream business?

“When I first reached out to Chris, I had a I job I hated, was earning an average salary, was in consumer debt, and I generally considered myself to be unlucky.

Three years on and I am now the director of a successful construction business. I employ people and pay them well, I am debt free and now have healthy habits towards money. I have doubled my salary and have more free time to enjoy my many hobbies.

I honestly feel that I’m in a far healthier place mentally as I now have clarity towards my life choices. Chris has provided the platform for me to achieve this and I am hugely grateful to him for that.

Before we started working together, I wasn’t even sure how coaching worked. I was never particularly interested in people’s advice or opinions on my life, and I’m pleased to say that Chris certainly doesn’t take this approach.

The truth is, I often find myself bombarded with big ideas and good intentions, but I always used to struggle to take these concepts to the next stage – making them a reality.

Time and time again, Chris has provided me with the space to think clearly, and supported me through a challenging yet worthwhile process to really get to the core of what I want and what makes me happy. All I have to do is execute, and Chris has been a great support and mentor in that area also.

In summary, working with Chris has made me a more effective person. Things just work for me now in a way they didn’t before. Having people like Chris on my team is a big part of the reason why I’m successful and why I feel I’ve made such great progress in a short space of time.

I can’t speak for coaching in general, but I can say that Chris has a talent and it’s certainly worked for me…”


Tom Ford – Company Director, U.K.

➤ Improving work/life balance and upgrading your mindset?

“Before reaching out to Chris, my biggest struggle was work/life balance. I run multiple companies across two countries and despite all the ‘hustle 24/7’ culture being thrown around on social media, I started to feel it was getting out of control.

I always enjoyed the idea of personal development, but I felt a lot of the stuff online was too wishy washy so never saw myself jumping in. When I started listening to Chris’ podcast, the direct, to the point messaging spoke to me.

I also knew Chris was from a similar creative background which made reaching out to enquire about coaching that much easier.

Even though I didn’t really know what to expect, it’s been a natural process since day one. Being challenged and stretched to achieve more is a welcome task, and even though it’s on me to do the work, being accountable to someone other than yourself makes you step and go to another level.

Working with Chris started as a curiosity which then turned into a life changing strategy. My mindset has shifted, I have more structure to my life, which means I’m more effective at work, and I feel healthier and more focused than I ever have before.

I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to progress at any stage of their career, business or life.”


Shannon Wellby – Director, Pins & Knuckles Merchandise / Init Apparel

➤ Scaling your companies and increasing impact?

“Truth be told, going into coaching I was hesitant. I was put on to Chris by my business partner and I didn’t really know if it was for me. I initially reached out to see how coaching could benefit me as a business owner, but I soon realised what I needed was much more than that.

I love work, but the day to day stresses were creeping into my home life. I can’t switch off – and truth be told I don’t want to. But I knew there had to be a more effective way to manage both important aspects.

After one call with Chris, I understood how important it was to be completely honest with myself about what I truly wanted – not only having thriving businesses and more success, but also to develop myself as a person and be the best father figure I can be.

Having the opportunity to unload and think things through with someone who isn’t involved day to day has been vital. It sounds weird, but having that unbiased sounding board is something you don’t even realise you need until you’ve got it! I don’t talk about this stuff with anyone else. That in itself has made a huge difference to my mental health and my ability to cope with stress.

Chris doesn’t give advice. He’s not a consultant or there to tell you what to do. But by having him ask the right questions and challenge you with your own thinking, you’re able to make better decisions more quickly.

Not only have I seen greater results and improvements in the way my businesses perform, I feel more confident and less anxious about all the different plates I’m spinning. This means I’m more present at home and my relationships with my partner and son are stronger than ever.

Would I recommend coaching? Yes. It’s been a game changer. I’m certain I’ve progressed much faster than I could’ve in that time on my own, both professionally and personally.

I look forward to many more years with Chris on my team!”


Jordan Grimes – Director, Verus Group

➤ Taking complete control of your finances?

“At the beginning of last year, my finances weren’t where I’d want them to be. Living to the overdraft limit each month was a recurring theme, and I seemed to be stuck in a cycle where I was resigned to that being my reality for the foreseeable future.

The past few years of living precariously definitely had a knock on effect on my ability to take the initiative, grab opportunities and experience life in its fullest sense – one might simply call it a bit of a rut. I have an avoidant streak, so I was certainly guilty of kicking it to the long grass for a while. There was no exit strategy, but I knew I needed one.

At the beginning of the pandemic my mind was turned towards actually making some changes instead of accepting another year in the red – and the content Chris was providing definitely spoke to me, and helped plant the seeds that brought about a desire to improve my situation instead of settling for second-best.

Working with Chris is incredibly straight-forward. Having someone who is willing to ask the tough questions, challenge you, but also provide you with the opportunity to brainstorm solutions and put a solid plan in place has been invaluable. There’s no hyperbolics or bizarre guru tactics, the focus is solely on why I want to level up – and how I can get there. We’re anticipating problems and finding solutions, while getting actions down on paper that will set me up for success and being held accountable in the process.

I was surprised at how quickly plans were put into place after discussions with Chris. Obviously, it’s always better having two brains than one, but even after a short time – things that I’d toiled over in my head for months became clearer almost immediately. I was really happy with how much clarity and mindfulness I gained after the first couple of sessions.

There’s been a complete shift in my finances over the last twelve months – from red to black. It’s a financial situation that I haven’t been in for years. There’s no precarity or worries, which has likely freed up my headspace to focus on other things. My attitude and mindset has definitely improved as well. I’m more conscious of the decisions I’m making and whether they’re aligning with where I want to be in the future. Whether that be finances, health and fitness or general wellbeing – there has been a marked shift from self-sabotage to self-improvement.

Teaming up with Chris would be an absolute game-changer in the areas you want to improve and enhance your life.”


Matt Turner – UK

➤ Totally transforming your health whilst nailing your career?

“Chris does what every coach says they will do, but so few actually do.

No matter what area of life you want to focus on, Chris helps identify the true wants of his clients in times when all ideas seem to cloud together.

He has a natural knack for helping develop the plan for success, but doesn’t do his clients’ work for them. He’s there at each step, providing feedback, being a sounding board and helping develop strategies to overcome obstacles along the way.

He understands that your goals are yours and has an innate desire to see his clients succeed.

Since working with Chris, I have totally transformed my health – losing a total of 97lbs of body fat, which in all honesty, is something that I struggled with physically and mentally for years.

My lifestyle and confidence has transformed, which hasn’t just benefitted me, but my families lives as well.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach to help me simplify a world that at times can seem so confusing and overwhelming, all while doing so in a way that allows me to truly learn what is important to me, and developing the path I am on to success…”


Graham Wilson – Boston, USA

Welcome To Forward Motion

A bespoke approach to personal development coaching, designed for those that are ready to step up and finally achieve that next level of success (whatever that means to you!)

If you’ve read the typical personal development books and listened to a few podcasts, you’re probably thinking that traditional exercises such as waking up at silly o’clock and mindfulness is what you need. 

But the reality is, most of that stuff is just cookie cutter templates churned out to the masses. Sure, it might have a place. But it doesn’t take into account what you’re going through as an individual.

What you actually need, and what my current clients, just like you, find they need is the space to think, explore and discover what reallymatters to them in life and work.

Not in a woo-woo way. There’s no wind chimes or mantras round here. But in a practical way that takes you from where you are to where you really want to be.

That’s what Forward Motion is about.

Giving you the space to be able to make sense of what’s important and what’s become an unnecessary routine in life. Whether in your career, personal life or business – this is about gaining clarity over how you want things to be and having the courage to move towards it.

Here’s the thing

Having the opportunity to stop and work on yourself isn’t that easy in real life. Especially for busy guys like you. But during our time together, you’ll be able to pause, look within, dig deep, and set the course towards all that you truly want and deserve. 

With me as your personal coach, you’ll not only feel supported as you work towards your goals, but also challenged, stretched and held accountable to the action steps you commit to take.

Whatever it is you’re looking to achieve, let’s get you moving:

> From unsure to certain

> From drifting to grounded

> From overwhelmed to in control

This isn’t just about goal setting and goal getting. Anyone can do that. This is about deep diving on what makes you tick, unlocking your potential, and enhancing your quality of life.

We’ll also work to uncover any self-limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back, and identify how you tend to get in your own way. This puts you in an empowered position to push on, and will leave you feeling confident about dealing with whatever comes next.

How Does It Work And Who's It For?

Let me make it clear, this isn’t a quick fix. All my clients will attest to the fact that an extended process of coaching is what will deliver the best results in your life. That’s why partnerships begin with a minimum of six sessions.

It’s also important to say that coaching with me isn’t for everyone. If you’re not a doer, and you’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone or invest in yourself to reach that next level then we won’t be a good fit.

However, if you’re serious about your results, ready to take action, and committed to operating at a higher level, this could be the first step towards a more fulfilling life.

A bit about me

First, let me first make it clear that I’m not a doctor, clinical psychologist, therapist, or any kind of internet ‘guru’.

I don’t get people high-fiving strangers at “change your life” seminars, wear dodgy suits or promise people the world on a plate if they go through one of my programmes. 

What I am is a professional coach (ICF ACC), and what I do is support people in moving themselves forward from where they are to where they really want to be.

I got into the world of personal development and coaching after having my own struggles with ‘stuckness’. 

I remember having just turned 30, sitting in Barcelona on my birthday weekend with a raging hangover, low on funds, despite having spent hundreds of euros in the club the night before, thinking something needed to change.

I was comfortably uncomfortable – you know when you’re just drifting through life, constantly comparing yourself to everyone else who’s seemingly smashing it?


Whilst you feel like you lack the clarity, focus and confidence to change things, despite knowing deep down that you’re meant for so much more. I always had big goals and ideas of what I wanted to achieve (thriving coaching practice, investment property portfolio, the ability to work from anywhere in the world etc), but I lacked the tools, structure and self-belief to really go out and make things happen. 

I’d flirted with the idea of personal development – looked at a few courses, listened to a few podcasts etc, but it always seemed a little bit too cheesy and fake positive. 

Generic motivational quotes. 

Pictures of mountains and lions. 

That kind of thing. 

After a little while researching and trying to find someone or something that resonated with me, I took the plunge and finally started to work with a coach.

The whole process was stepping outside of my comfort zone massively – not only plucking up the courage to reach out, but investing my time, money and energy into something that wasn’t nights out on the town, holidays, clothes, and other instant gratifications that I was using to distract myself from my reality.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m now an ICF accredited coach and have a successful coaching business in London.

I’m proud to support some real winners across the world in reaching new levels of success, health, wealth and happiness, and creating the impact they’d always dreamed about. 

So ask yourself…

All those goals and big ideas you’ve had in your head for ages that you KNOW will make your life better…

What’s really stopping you from making them a reality?

Some questions other ambitious, determined legends like you had before working with me:

I see this type of “life/business coaching” stuff pop up on my social media feeds all the time and it all seems so cheesy. What makes this any different?

Me too, and it drives me nuts. Far too many unqualified snake oil salesmen promising the world, and delivering nothing. As I said, I’m not promising you the world. I’m promising to support you in driving yourself forward so you can go out and create success on your terms. 

How long until I see results?

Well, that’s all on you. I can support you, but I’m not here to hold your hand or drag you to your destination. I’ve had clients make major shifts in just a few sessions, whilst others have taken a little longer. With the progress you’ll make, alongside the awareness of your self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, you’ll not only be OK with your own pace, you’ll also feel confident about the remainder of your journey. This process goes way beyond achieving just the task at hand. You’ll feel the transformation inside, and you’ll apply your new found knowledge of self to all your future plans and projects.


I like what I hear, but I’m just not sure it’s the right time.

Didn’t you say that last year? And the year before that? And haven’t you always found a way to procrastinate and put something in front of working on your goals? Sure, you’ll get there eventually. That’s a given. But how different will life be – and how much quicker will you get there if you finally put yourself first, take your results seriously, and invest today in becoming the elevated version of you for you and those you love?


You’re right. So what’s the investment?

My fee for six sessions is £660. You can spread your investment over one, two or three instalments. I also offer annual partnerships for both individuals and businesses. If you have a longer term goal or project in mind, drop me a message and we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve in more detail. 


It’s all sounding great, but how do I sign up?

Real easy. Hit the button below and we’ll jump on a call to make sure we’re a good fit. This is where we get to know each other better, understand what you’re looking to achieve, and discuss how we can get you to where you want to be. If it feels right for both of us to proceed, great. We’ll do just that. If for whatever reason it doesn’t, that’s absolutely fine. No hard feelings. I only work with people I’m certain I can support. If I don’t feel that’s the case, I have a huge network of other coaching professionals that I’ll happily refer you to. 


So you’ve read up until this point. Now you have two choices…

Take action and get in touch today. So you don’t need to deal with all the procrastination, second guessing yourself, and get you to where you want to be quicker. 


Keep trying to work it all out for yourself. And I’m sure someone as proficient as you will get where you’re destined to be eventually. But in the meantime, you might keep repeating the same routines that have got you to this level of success, but are holding you back from the next one. 

What’s it to be?

“If you thought life coaching was all mantras and wind chimes, think again. Chris’ coaching gets into the nitty-gritty stuff that will amplify your results in life and business…”


Lew Dalton – Professional Seven-Figure Copywriter

“Very much recommended for anyone who actually wants to move forward in life. Working with Chris helped me discover what’s truly important to me and how I want to show up in the world…”


Christian Mayer – Director, Atlas Novus
“Working with Chris has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. He has a confidence-inspiring energy which helped me finally take the leap and build a business around my passion…”

Shanti Perpellini – MTLF Podcast