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Welcome into my new home.

I know it looks tidy but relax. You can keep your shoes on.

Some might say that launching a blog might not be the coolest thing for a 37 year old man to do in 2022, but having spent a good couple of years pumping personal development content over on IG and via the podcast, I thought it was about time I had a place of my own.

If you’ve followed me for a while – either through the podcast, TRC or my IG account – it’s great to have you here.

Truth be told, I felt as if all the social media content I was producing was becoming a bit too throwaway.

Stories disappearing in hours, random DM’s from dodgy MLM types in Bracknell trying to sell you onto their latest “Game Changer Master Mindset” course, and as a creator, you can spend ages crafting a half-decent post, only for it to get lost in the algorithm, half your followers end up seeing it, and it just felt like everything was getting lost in the noise.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna be active on IG. But I’ve had this voice whispering in my ear for some time now, telling me to step out, take a risk and launch something bigger. So here we are.

Obviously, these are early days, but what I’ve got in mind for this site is to have a space that’s totally mine, where I can create longer form, higher-quality personal development content for you.

Up until now, I’ve treated social media as too much of a hobby. Dabbled with IG, half-arsed a mailing list every now and again did alright with the last podcast etc.

Sure, all good fun. But I was never really getting the ROI I wanted based on the amount of time I was spending on the bloody things!

So now I’ve set myself a target. To go ALL IN for three years on this site, the accompanying YouTube channel and all the other bits and pieces that are going to get added and see where it gets me.

If it works as I can see it in my mind’s eye, I’ll have a massive, f*ck off villa party in Ibiza for my 40th birthday and you’ll get an invite.

If it doesn’t… actually… no… I’ll see you there!

And for some extra accountability for myself, I’ll share everything with you as I build it from the ground up, and give you complete transparency as I turn into a fully fledged personal development/lifestyle powerhouse over the next 3 years.

Truth be told, I’m nervous, excited, up for it, and daunted by the prospect all at the same time. But that’s when you know it’s time to lean in, put your money where your mouth is, and play a much bigger game.


Chris Robson London Coach Life Coach in Personal Development

But how does all this benefit you?

Well, to start with, it means you’re going to get an even better personal development content experience to help you level up, get unstuck and yep, you guessed it, stay very much in Forward Motion.

If you’re a guy in your 30-40’s (or thereabouts) and you’re into this whole personal development thing – or maybe you’re just getting started in sorting yourself out – you’re DEFINITELY in the right place.

Each week, you’ll be getting brand new articles, videos, podcasts etc to support you in 4 main areas:

> Productivity, performance and time management

> Mindset, psychology and self-reflection

> Health and wellbeing

> Lifestyle design and good times


Basically, I’m committing to creating as much high-quality personal development content as I can, to help you in thinking, feeling and living better – whatever that means to you!

 Sound good?


I’m still ironing out the finer details, but we never let that stop us from getting started and launching, do we? ; )

Really looking forward to everything coming up and I’m excited to be in your corner.

For now, take a look around this new site, make sure you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel (you can check my first video below), sign up to my monthly email, and tell a friend to tell a friend about all that’s going down.







Have a good rest of the week and we’ll speak soon!




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Hi. I’m Chris. A London based life coach, creative and frontman of hardcore band TRC.

If you’re into the whole personal development thing, you’re definitely in the right place.

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