Why you lack inspiration and what to do about it

It was either Einstein or Henry VIII that said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

So, whether you’re looking for inspiration to get out of that slump and build your dream lifestyle, improve your health, take the next step in your career, finally quit your 9-5 and set up that dream business, or generally sort yourself out and level up your life… where are you actually looking?

It’s a question I throw at lots of my coaching clients – especially the ones that come to me saying they’re a little bit lost, stuck, flat or uninspired by their current life. 

They know they want things to change. They know they want to be doing something different. But they just can’t seem to break out of that monotonous Groundhog Day routine that’s become oh so mundane. 

After sitting there, racking their brains for an answer to my question for a little while, most of them realise they haven’t been looking for inspiration anywhere new for a very long time. 

It’s usually a case of: Same places + Same people + Same situations = Same results. 

Of course, it’s true what they say – that inspiration can indeed strike anywhere and anytime. But from my own experience, if we don’t take a proactive approach and go out there to stimulate ourselves in new ways to find some, inspiration won’t come knocking on our door that often. 

The good news is, it doesn’t require much effort to go out and get inspired. And sometimes the simplest of changes to our daily routine can spark something magical. But the reality is, finding inspiration and lighting that fire will require some input from our side. 

So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck, uninspired, or fed up, have a read of the following ideas and see if they can nudge you into a bit of good old Forward Motion:


Change your environment:


If it feels like you’ve been stagnant for a while, when was the last time you shook things up and exposed yourself to new sights, sounds, conversations or energies? 

This could mean anything from visiting new places on the weekend, reorganising your workspace or moving your life overseas if it’s calling you! 

But if you constantly find yourself bored, doing the same things, in the same places, in exactly the same way, what might changing your environment do for you? 

Where could you go? 

Who could you meet?

What could you do?

When will you do it?

This might sound too simple, but it’s about giving yourself permission to break the monotony, putting some dates in your diary and getting yourself excited to move forward once again.


Learn something new: 


One of the most common reasons I come across for people feeling stuck and uninspired in life is that they get lazy and slack when it comes to their continued personal or professional development. And whenever I find myself caught in a bit a slump, my partner always reminds of the simple concept of input/output.

If we’re not learning and exposing ourselves to new stimuli on a regular basis, it’s very easy to end up stagnating and going round in circles. 

If that sounds like you… when was the last time you learned a new skill? 

Maybe something that would benefit the next stage of your career? 

Or something fun and creative that you’ve wanted to try out for ages? 

If it’s been a while, pull out a pen and paper and jot down the following question:

“What do I now need to know, learn or understand in order to move myself to that next level?”

Then, once you’ve got your answer, sort yourself out and take action!


Stretch yourself: 


How often are you really stepping outside of your comfort zone? 

I know it’s spoken about a lot in the world of personal development, but it really is key. Sure, we can search outside of ourselves for inspiration, but whenever I’ve stretched myself to try new things that were a little bit uncomfortable, I’ve actually found that I’ve inspired myself in the process. 

Whether it be public speaking, being a beginner in a new martial arts class, or appearing on video for the first time, testing ourselves in new ways, or achieving new feats can fuel motivation and inspiration.

When we take the opportunity to take stock of our achievements and celebrate our wins – no matter how small – it can inspire us to want to push on and do even more. 

Take a moment to think about your ultimate goal. If it seems too daunting or far away at present, what are a couple of smaller steps you can take sooner rather than later that would stretch you to new levels of growth, but not force you to panic, freeze and revert back to your comfort zone. 

The key to good progress in any area of life is to stretch ourselves just enough, but not too much.  


Get some culture: 


I don’t know art, but I know what I like. And living in London, I’m spoiled by the amount of galleries, exhibitions, concerts and different events that are on my doorstep. 

That said, I definitely don’t take advantage as much as I should. There are so many things that pop up that I tell myself I’m going to check out, and then by the time I get round to it, they’ve finished. 

But that’s always the way though, right? When it’s easily accessible we end up taking it for granted. 

However, whenever I do get out and immerse myself in a new exhibition, get stuck in to a set from one of my favourite DJ’s, or discover a new artist supporting a band I already love, I always come back feeling energised and inspired. 

It might not happen immediately, but exposing ourselves to new sights, sounds and experiences wakes up our brains and makes the most of their neuroplasticity (basically, the brain’s ability to rewire and function in a way that differs to how it functioned previously). 

So every time you expose yourself to new ways of thinking or learning, you’re literally lighting up and firing new parts of your brain. And whether it’s coming up with new ideas for a podcast, YouTube video, or blog, getting out and getting amongst new sights and sounds is one of my favourite ways to bring a different energy to what I’m working on and get the job done!

What about you?

What are some of your favourite ways to energise and inspire yourself? I’d love to know. 

Leave a comment in the box below with some of the ways in which you’ve done so over the past year, OR… some of the things you’re going to be giving a go in the not too distant future to light that spark and get you moving. 

Wishing you a positive, productive and energy-filled week ahead. 

Let’s get it, and let’s keep things in Forward Motion. 


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